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Potluck Utensil Set

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Keep it simple. Twelve no-frills tools for prepping your ingredients and serving your meals. Professional-quality construction for years of reliable use. This tightly-curated set has you covered for countless kitchen tasks, but doesn’t include anything that you won’t use. It’s just right.

All pieces are BPA-free. Dishwasher-safe except for the wooden spoon and fish spatula.


Durable micro-perforated stainless steel. Don't lose a single strand of pasta.

Fish spatula

Flexible steel blade for getting under delicate foods. Riveted wooden handle.


Super sharp with medium-sized holes. Perfect for grating carrots or Parmesan.


Stainless steel. 5-ounce capacity. Handle hook so it doesn't fall into your soup.

measuring Cups

Stainless steel. ¼ cup, ⅓ cup, ½ cup, and 1 cup sizes.

measuring Spoons

Stainless steel. 1 tsp, ¼ tsp, ½ tsp, and 1 tbsp sizes.

3-qt mixing bowl

Stainless steel. Mix enough pancake batter for four servings.

4-qt mixing bowl

Stainless steel. Plenty of room for tossing salad or mixing dough.


Stainless steel. U-shape is easy on the wrist and knuckles.

silicone spatula

Supple silicone blade scrapes up every last bit. Heat resistant to 500F. 10 inches long.


12 inches. Heavy-duty stainless steel. Sliding ring for easy storage.

Wooden Spoon

14 inches. Birch. Classic shape. Stays cool in any pot.

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